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the real laal bunglo

The year is 1947. Ratilal & Kanta Patel are moving their family from the small village of Bhadran to the city. They find a place that fits their tight budget. It was nothing to write home about. A tiny apartment for a family of six. It was this "laal" red that can only truly be found in India, terra-cotta brick, peeling paint and a worn, rundown look. 

It was small. It was crowded. It was neglected. 

It was home.

The Second chapter

a story like so many

Like millions of others, our parents migrated to this possibility laden, albeit strange, new land in the West that felt like a world away. They worked hard for a life of opportunity and prosperity in the U.S. while stressing the importance of India’s traditions and values for their kids.

Growing up, we had family dinners at least a few times a week. Moms cooked. Dads attempted to relax after a 15 hour day, only to have us kids climbing all over them and wreaking havoc. We only quieted down for story time. Our parents would indulge us with adventurous accounts of their mischievous and challenging childhood days at The Laal Bungalow. We recounted memories of Ba & Dada (Grandma & Grandpa) who had passed before any of us got to meet them.

Whenever we heard "The Laal Bungalow," our imaginations took off. Realistically, we knew our families didn’t have much. But as kids so beautifully do, we imagined The Laal Bunglo as a palace of sorts. Creamy interiors. A rich, terracotta, clay like exterior. Endless. Spacious. Delicious aromas hanging in the air. Ancient, exotic treasures that can't even be found these days.

All romance. No reality. 

a handpicked collection

The story continues

This space is a handpicked, carefully curated art collection of India inspired pieces that capture the true essence of India as we were taught.

We set out to capture the experience of wandering India's exotic, vibrant, earthy bazaars with all of its wonder, adventure, spice and spirit. While this digital adventure is a pale comparison to the real thing, we hope it inspires you to add a touch of India to your style, your home, your mind, your life.

We wish you nothing but endless adventures, a solid, real cup of chai, a touch of spice and mystery, dreamy romance, a bit of wild while we're at it and relationships with friends, family, and most of all, yourself that mean everything.

from our bungalow to yours,


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A work of art

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If you have found your way here through the alleys and backroads of the limitless world that is the Internet, we know it is because you are a Conscious Shopper. Not only do you have an eye for quality and artistry, but you also truly care about where your pieces come from and how they are made. 


mix patterns and prints

All the color, zeal and zest of India. How can we sprinkle it throughout our American home? Living in today and bringing in history. The subtle dance of the two.

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As we undertake renovations at The Smoogalow (endearingly named after Smoot & the third generation of Laal Bungalow homes), we look to the women's quarters at the Mehrangarh Fort for design inspiration. The intricacies of the lotus carvings, the stunning green palatial doors. This will be the girls' bathroom.

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