You never know what you’ll find...

In the nooks and crannies of India's beautiful, endless bazaars. Wandering through India’s street bazaars is an experience unlike any other.

A delicious feast of inspiration for your imagination and all your senses. A harmonious cacophony of color and calm. Frames in one stall. Wood furniture in the next. Candles. Pots. Artwork. To those who like structure and order, it may feel chaotic and overwhelming. But if you stay long enough, you'll begin to see, feel and experience the beauty, the magic, the perfection of it all. 

The Digital Bazaar

While still a pale comparison to the real thing (we haven’t figured out how to emit smells or feed your tastebuds through the screen… yet), we want to create a digital experience that captures the essence of shopping the bazaars of India for you. You'll find picture frames, baskets, kulhads, chai pots, rugs, lights, sconces, frames, tea pots, bangles, clothes and on and on. You'll go from one piece to the next. Allow your brain to jump around, explore around with no specific intention in mind. What jumps out at you? What inspires you? What are you drawn to? 

This digital bazaar should inspire, exhilarate, quench a thirst for the exotic and be fun to browse through. 

Of course, if you have something specific in mind you’re welcome to search for just that. We encourage you to spend leisurely time appreciating and perusing each artisan’s work, even if it might not be right for you and celebrate how different it is from styles you’re familiar with. 

An Invitation

We’d like to invite and inspire even the most orderly and sophisticated of you to unleash your imagination.

We invite you to open your mind. We invite you to leap from one thing to the next, browse without a specific item in mind and above all else, allow your creativity to explore. Let go of the idea of categories and departments.  

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Inspire. Exhilarate. Explore!  

Scroll as you would stroll. We know it's not the same, but it's the closest we can get you to the real thing (for now). We continue to improve and expand our technology while honoring age-old traditions and pieces. That's a conscious choice each of us has to make for themselves -- to find the balance between the old and the new.  

Explore each artfully selected piece with an open mind and curiosity.

Look through artful eyes.

Contemplate the hands which created the piece.

Allow your wanderlust, your desire for far-off, exotic lands to guide you.

And most of all, play!

Xx + namaste

Happy Browzing!

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