Asana Rug


A sneak peek at our Spring collection. Batik-inspired, this piece is a true showstopper. Bold, dramatic design. Hand tufted by five skilled artisans, this piece took eight weeks to make. The luxurious wool feels deliciously rich underfoot. This piece is nice and thick for those wanting extra cushion and comfort.

100% Wool
Hand Tufted | watch construction video
Backing: Canvas
Medium Pile
Thickness: 0.59"
Cut and Loop
Colors: Black, Cream
TPX: 19-4004, 11-0606

Handmade in India

Namaste and Welcome. 

If you have found your way here through the alleys and backroads of the limitless world that is the Internet, we know it is because you are a Conscious Shopper. Not only do you have an eye for quality and artistry, but you also truly care about where your pieces come from and how they are made. 

How Your Rug Came to Be

Our rugs are made by hand using three different methods. Hand Loomed. Hand Tufted. Hand Knotted. This is something we take incredible pride in being able to offer to the world at large. The craftsmanship of our artisans in Ugapur, India are apparent in every piece. No two rugs are alike. The piece you receive will be a one of a kind, collector's rug to add to any well crafted, delicately made home pieces.

Each rug is a work of art.

From design to construction, our Made by Hand Collection was created to set the tone, to inspire and to enjoy. We want you to take pride in knowing you are keeping this beautiful, traditional art alive and you have a piece you can not only admire, but feel good about collecting. 

Made by Hand

Shags are hand loomed on looms with hundreds of plush yarns. Yarn is woven along a foundational structure of warp strands. A tufting gun fills in an inked pattern on a canvas. a medium-sized rug takes about a week to complete. However, a hand-knotted rug can take up to a YEAR or more to finish. 

Using a special scraping tool, rugs are washed to remove excess fibers. And dry under Surya, the Indian Sun. Rugs are stretched to size, shaped 

The Journey of your Rug

In Northeast India, close to the sacred Ganges River, lies the rural village of Ugapur. A village known for preserving ancient traditions and practices. 

A village full of human spirit, where the art and craftsmanship of old still thrive,

Raw Wool Sorting

First bales of raw wool arrive from New Zealand.  

The wool is then washed and laid out in the sun to dry. 

Inspected by sharp eyes who have been doing this for a long time, only the finest wool makes the cut. 

Spinning the Wool

Using simple bicycle gears, spinners create spools of yarn. The yarn is then spun into bundles and prepared for dyeing.

Wool Dyeing 

Dyes are weighed and mixed according to color formulas. Boiling allows the wool to absorb the color dyes and pigments with precision and accuracy. 

The dyed wool is then taken to the roof, to dry under the brilliant heat of India's Surya, Sanskrit for Sun. 

Rug Construction

A team of weavers use a long steel rod to shoot fibers across vertical strings. Loops are then sliced with a razor to create the pile.  

Our Hand-Loomed Shags are made on hand-operated looms with hundreds of plush yarns. 

Hand-loomed Flat-Weave: Yarn is woven along a foundational structure of warp strands. A tufting gun fills in an inked pattern on a canvas. A medium sized rug takes about a week to complete. 

Our Hand-Knotted rugs can take up to a year or more to finish. Hand-knotting is the ultimate skilled craftsmanship. 

Well Washing

Using a special scraping tool, rugs are washed to remove excess fibers. And they are laid out to dry in the indian sun. 

Finishing Touches

Rugs are stretched to size, shaped, edged and finished. 

Texture and Layers are hand-cut into the rugs. 

Shipping is the only step requiring modern technology: Diesel Trucks.

Our skilled Artisans assure that each rug is made beautifully and made to last. 

Our wish for you 

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