Indali Throw Pillow


Indali - comes from Sanskrit word means powerful, or kindling.

Embodying time-honored designs that have been revered for generations, the Indali Collection redefines vintage charm from room to room within any home décor. TThis Pillow was created with intentional design and meticulous precision. Throw Pillows are deliciously simple & fun ways to spice up any space, switch things up and have some fun!

The quality of each pillow is impeccable, you can feel the handmade effect immediately and the best part? Our pillows were designed with the busy, lively family in mind which means durable, high quality pieces that look good AND will stand the test of time and being thrown around. Spot Clean Only, Line Dry.

Front: 100% Polyester, Back: 100% Polyester
Colors: Front: Aqua, Ivory, Camel, Back: Aqua, Ivory, Camel
TPX: Front: 15-4715, 12-0404, 16-1109, Back: 15-4715, 12-0404, 16-1109

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