Kolkata Kulhad


Known as Kulhads, these traditional, terracotta clay cups of ancient India are still the best and healthiest way to enjoy your tea. 

You haven't been to India if you haven't had the electrifying pleasure of sipping steaming mint Chai from one of these at an open air stall from the Chai-wallah. 

Not only are these the best way to enjoy your mid-day cup of tea, it is incredibly beneficial. 

These truly are as authentic as you get. Which means, no soap! The soap will soak into the pores of the clay and leak into your next cup of tea. No one wants chai with a splash of Palmolive. When cleaning your Kulhad, only use water and your hand.

Due to this inability to thoroughly clean, authentic Indian clay cups are not intended to be used on a regular basis as they lack a finish. If you'd like to reuse your cup, we recommend using your cup for drinking water.

Many people like to use these for decorative purposes! They add a gorgeous, earthy and warm touch to any display.

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